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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Exposé of AAP's "Modi exposé"

Mr. Narendra Modi's government was "exposed" by Aam Aadmi Party just a few days before Gujarat elections. While the so called exposé hardly seems to have cut votes, it did raise a few questions on functioning of Modi govt. Here is the link to AAP's Pol-Khol page.
What it did not do - is raise questions on AAP's method of exposé. Did they tell you the truth? Did they hide any information? Did they lie? You judge for yourself after reading this blog and the links provided in support.

If I am wrong, please leave a comment with valid proof and I will respond.
Before reading below, keep these simple acronyms in mind:
KSK: Electricity Generation Company
GUVNL: Gujarat Electricity Company
GMDC: Gujarat Mineral Development Company

Part 1 - AAP lies on Adani and Gujarat Govt

What allegations did AAP make?

Following were the claims made by AAP to prove that Gujarat Govt is "Adani ki Dukaan" (Meaning, Gujarat Govt. is the front for Adani Group).
  1. KSK agreed to supply power at rate of Rs. 2.25/unit while Adanis agreed to supply at 2.35/unit and 2.89/unit.
  2. Gujarat govt had to give coal blocks through GMDC to Adani & KSK in order to get these rates for GUVNL.
  3. Gujarat High Court passed a stinging order against Modi Government for brazenly manipulating the bidding process and for favoring Adanis.
  4. Adanis backed out of the deal with Gujarat govt, and Modi asked govt to supply 50% of Naini coal block to Adani so that they would supply power at promised rates, even though Adanis quoted higher rates.
  5. Even after this, Adanis unilaterally canceled the agreement with Gujarat govt but kept the coal blocks.
  6. This is the exact statement from Aam Aadmi Party Pol-Khol page
So, in effect, Adanis walked away with coal blocks without supplying the electricity at cheaper rates.

AAP also published a file noting by Mr. Modi himself, in which he supposedly orders giving 50% of Naini coal block to Adanis.

What did AAP hide?

There are many things Aam Aadmi Party did not tell us. So what did they not tell us?
Read this news report before we go further: SC admits Adani Power plea against Aptel order
AAP hid from us the following details:
  1. Gujarat govt did not supply any coal to Adani.
  2. Adani is still supplying power to Gujarat govt (GUVNL) at Rs. 2.35/unit without getting any coal blocks.
  3. Adanis are fighting in court against Gujarat govt for not providing coal blocks, yet supplying power at cheap rates. In other words, Modi govt is fighting Adanis in court over cheaper power supply to Gujarat.
  4. Modi made another file noting (page 17 here), in which he said KSK will supply power from Morga-II blocks. So KSK remained an electricity supplier and was not replaced by Adani. Adani was favored only because they would supply power sooner than others (in year 2009).
  5. Adani group's selection was in addition to KSK group's, and both were for different coal mines.

Many Aam Aadmi Party supporters asked for "solid evidence" to prove that Adani is supplying power without getting coal. I am attaching a link to APTEL judgement that ordered Adani to supply electricity even as Gujarat govt denied coal supply to it.

Aptel Judgement against Adani appeal, which Gujarat govt won, for not supplying coal to Adani:

What is the reality?

Adani is supplying power at 2.35/unit without getting coal blocks.
AAP chose to present selective statements from the pol-khol documents. They hid specific facts outside of those documents (like court case between Gujarat govt and Adanis over coal block allocation over govt's refusal to provide coal).
AAP manufactured these allegations based on old news reports. While it is true that Adanis were proposed to be allotted Naini coal block earlier in 2009, this allocation proposal was canceled as early as 2010.
News reports were categorically hidden from readers by AAP to misguide the public.

"Aam Aadmi Party Effect"

Gujarat not supplying coal to Adanis is not "Aam Aadmi Party Effect", because in 2010 when allocation proposal was scrapped, there was no AAP or IAC.
It is noteworthy that Mr. Kejriwal got documents for his "Modi exposé" from self-proclaimed "Top Cop" Sanjiv Bhatt, whose wife was contesting Gujarat elections against Narendra Modi on Congress ticket. This exposé by AAP was clearly timed to coincide with Gujarat elections, in hopes of ensuring Congress win. If this does not put AAP in bed with Congress, I wonder what else will.
More is coming in other parts of my exposé. Stay tuned.

Updated (23/March/2013): Part-2 of Exposé of AAP's Modi exposé released: How AAP valued urban land & rural land at the same price to trap Modi.
Updated (31/March/2013): Part-2 of Exposé of AAP's Modi exposé released: Exposé of AAP's Modi exposé: Private-Public Partnership.
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