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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

PFI claims it is 'peaceful, democratic' :PFI REJOINDER AND OUR REPLY

Sir, This letter is in response to the defamatory news published against Popular Front of India in page no. 7 of Organiser Weekly dated  March 18, 2012 titled as ‘PFI/NDF prime suspects in Delhi blast’. We strongly condemn the allegations levelled against  the Popular Front.
Your allegation as “The Popular Front of India (PFI), National Development Front (NDF), jehadi gang-up, which is behind several terrorist blasts in India and which is plotting riot on Kerala by butchering pregnant cow and placing buffalo head on temple lamps is the prime suspect of NIA, IB and RAW in the blast at Delhi targetting the Israel, Defence Attache’s wife Tal Yehoshua” are completely false and baseless. It is nothing but to terrorise and to mislead the readers.

$img_titleWe strongly condemn your allegation as charging us as “The NIA-IA-Raw feel that in three years, PFI/NDF had established Pan-India network with various jehadi groups, like SIMI” is clearly shows that your are cooking up such false stories, without mentioning the name of the officials. The question here arises is that how much credible is the information provided by some officer whose name itself could not be published in the news.

Since your slanderous news report has tarnished the image and reputation of our organisation, we request you to publish the full text of this rejoinder in next immediate issue of your weekly. We also bring to your notice that, unless our version is published with an apology, we will be compelled to initiate legal proceedings against  you and the newspaper.

KM Shareef,
General Secretary,
Popular Front of India
Our correspendent replies
With reference to my article on  March 18, 2012,  regarding NDF/PFI, I clarify as under:

a) My reference to NDF/PFI role in Delhi blast involving Israeli Attache’s wife was based on media reports originating at that time. The New Indian Express had at that time carried a report, ‘Delhi Car Blast: Clues Point to PFI’. Also in Sunday Express Magazine dated  March 4, 2012, it has been reported that PFI is the suspect of NIA/IB.
Police officials, politicians, etc. have also given their views on the PFI/NDF role in various extremist activities in this two page story.
Right from the nineties earlier Madhani, and after his arrest, NDF and other jehadi groups have been in the scanner of police, intelligence central agencies for various terrorist acts like Marad massacre, Beypore boat blast, Vagamon training before several blasts throughout India, export of terror to Kashmir where five Keralites were shot dead by Indian Army, love jehad, hand cutting of Professor, etc. Even in the Kasargod riots, army uniform march, etc. NDF/PFI is the prime suspect of police as per media reports. Earlier jehadi groups were under scanner of intelligence and defence agencies for training in estates, isolated islands in Kochi and attempt to blast INS VIRAAT, when it was anchored there.
b) Targetting of trains have been going on for quite some time. Brake pipes of trains were cut in Nilambur. Trains are regularly targetted in Kasargod district. It is by God’s grace and sheer luck that major mishaps have not taken place, despite stones, iron rods, etc. being placed on tracks.
c)When the going went tough ISS changed to PDP and ex-ISS men to NDF to PFI to SDPI. There are media/police reports that they are also linked to banned SIMI.
Anyway the report was based on media reports on current events, appearing at that time and not a creation of Organiser.
Scanned copies of newspaper cutting (some) are sent for your reference.

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