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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Next Steps for Social Equality

This is third part of series on Quota for Muslims and Christians. For previous part, visit here.

Why this sudden demand?

And that is why we sincerely don’t understand what made Sri Ramdevji come up with such an anti-national demand out of blue. We cannot accept the excuse that so far he never knew about this issue. The Dalit Christian reservation issue has been making headlines for past 20 years and the last 2 years have seen Muslim reservation issue making headlines and finally getting 4.5% of OBC quota. A person leading such important socio-economic movements cannot excuse himself with ignorance on such critical issue. Because if that be so, there is even more serious concern regarding competence of Bharat Swabhiman Trust (BST) movement even if the intent is right. Or perhaps some deeper conspiracies may be going on where even the prominent noble people are merely ignorant puppets whose strings have more devious controls. In fact, if you go by his letter of explanation sent to us, it seems to be written from a completely different person than one addressing the Muslims in the video where he resolves to take the demand of Dalit Muslim reservations to streets.
Sri Ramdevji must urgently address the concerns raised and issue a detailed clarification for this anti-national stand. We have high hopes from him and do believe that as a Sanyasi he would demonstrate his valor by rising above ego to accept his folly and work for larger interests of the nation. Everyone can make mistakes. But legends gracefully admit them and surge ahead.

Next Steps

We know that Sri Ramdevji is sincere about supporting the Dalits. So let us join hands for some concrete affirmative actions. Dalits need respect more than jobs. Let us make respectable Brahmins out of them. Let us make Vedic scholars out of them who break all barriers of casteism. After all casteism was the reason they converted in first place.
It does not matter if one is Hindu, Muslim or Christian. It does not matter if one is Dalit or not. The popular perception is that only high-caste Brahmins had access to chanting Vedas and this caused inequality. Let us work to break this from root by promoting Vedas among all religions and societies. That is what Agniveer is doing and appeals to Sri Ramdevji to take this cause as top-priority. As we have promised, we shall support it with tan-man and dhan (Efforts, Passion and Funds). 
Let there be schools, colleges, hospitals, vocational centers in these deprived regions which cater to people from all religions. Also let Sri Ramdevji carry out the5 points mentioned earlier in the article immediately – Conservative (Dalit) Muslims in investments, leadership, communication, fooding and personal security.
That indeed would be the ideal way to bring changes in lives of these brothers and sisters. And set the right examples in society.
Lets bring that change immediately. And as first step to that, let us oppose this dangerous demand of inclusion of (Dalit) Muslims and Christians in SC/ST because we love our nation, and its people from all religions.
Let Sri Ramdevji also lead the movement for Uniform Common Civil Code for all Indians irrespective of religion to promote unity and solidarity. We vow to be fully with him in this noble mission. Such movements in our opinion are even more critical than movement against corruption because they wipe off the very source of corruption – appeasement.
In parallel to that, let us also support BST and Sri Ramdevji in their implementation the 5 points raised earlier. (And we promise to support by tan-man-dhan)
And even before that, let us stop use of word ‘Dalit’. ‘Dalit’ means one trampled by feet. It is a derogatory usage insulting our own brothers and sisters. Its usage should be banned. Call them SC/ST as defined in law or call them disadvantaged sections. But never call our own family members ‘Dalit’ or trampled, or else destiny shall trample us, just as it trampled our great nation into misery and darkness! 
One Nation, One Humanity, Zero Tolerance for those who divide and convert!
PS: Before we end, as a last note, we would strongly urge Sri Ramdevji to share with us the version/ translation of Holy Quran that inspired him to uphold it as a noble text at par with Vedas and Upanishads. We would love to share that Holy Quran version/ translation publicly to be an agent of glorification of that Islam which promotes ‘justice’ in words of Sri Ramdevji.

Summary of 5 point agenda that Sri Ramdevji and all advocates of (Dalit) Muslims (and Muslims in general) should immediately announce and implement to set right examples and assure that they are not for appeasement but are serious about their ideology:
1. 75% of fund allocation of associated organizations only in Dalit and Muslim areas to elevate status from ground level.
2. Significant proportion of (Dalit) Muslims in think-tank and senior leadership of all organizations to showcase them as intellectual and loyal heroes.
3. All communication and magazines be fully managed by (Dalit) Muslims or Muslims in general to showcase them as intellectual confidants who can handle sensitive responsibilities.
4. Entire canteen, food and kitchen management be done by (Dalit) Muslims to destroy roots of untouchability.
5. All personal and organizational security be provided only by those who come as conservative Muslims in front of camera (having beard, Namaz mark of forehead etc) to portray the right image of Muslims as protectors


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