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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Media Terrorism overwhelms PM Narendra Modi

For 12 years, current Indian Prime Minister defied numerous bouts of Media's propaganda and deliberate campaign by a group of powerful Media Editors across electronic channels and print editions, who were infamously termed as 'News Traders' by the PM himself during his run up to the election for the office of the Prime Minister. The more they attacked the man, the stronger he grew. Thanks to a vast army of Online supporters who were well informed, rebellious and aggressive towards every Media misreporting for they had found an alternative channel (Social Media) to counter the propaganda. They would have expected that the Media misreporting would come to a halt once Modi assumes the office of the Prime Minister. They were soon proved wrong.

In the last few months, the kind of rumour mongering undertaken by Indian Media would ace bring fiction writers to shame. This report  gives only a small percentage of hit jobs undertaken by the Indian Media. The main targets for these reports other than the PM himself have primarily been HRD Minister Smriti Irani, Former Health Minister Harshvardhan and even non political entities which have a leaning towards the Modi govt. Scores of examples are there when Media tried to either blow any particular issue out of proportion, creating a mountain out of a molehill or completely misreport a particular item. I will select a few of these and analyze them.

Some critical issues, grossly mishandled by Indian Media recently

  1. Conversion Row - The conversion row which stormed the Parliament was the umpteenth instance where one could see a clear nexus between Opposition parties and the Media Terrorists working in tandem. Lopsided debate would hog the limelight of the prime time shows. The same would be used to create an uproar in Parliament and that in turn would feed media reporting subsequently. This was a vicious cycle of sorts. Media got exposed here on 2 counts. First, their desperate attempt to link the Conversion row with the rise of Hindu extremism. Anyone who knows how to use Google would know that such events are mundane stuff. Even in 2013, 2012 and the years before that, the Hinduwadi organizations have been executing 'reconversions' of people who mostly followed Christianity or Islam. Media cannot get benefit of doubt on this for not knowing about this because ordinary citizens like me know about these 'reconversions' through Archived articles of Media websites so it is a foregone conclusion that those who have reported these events in the past (albeit with far lesser coverage than now) would definitely know about these events and their attempt to link it to the rise of Hindu extremism, at best reeks of some foul play. Second, their silence on similar conversions over the last 60 years from Hinduism to Christianity/Islam and not question the conversions of other institutions , Christian Missionaries to be specific and there much ambitious PROJECT JOSHUA, using Money, Power and deception; is enough to infer that Media is playing to the agenda and not reporting properly
  2. Black Money Handling - To be honest, I have not been very happy about the way, Modi govt. has gone about the Black Money issue. However there is no reason to question their integrity and honesty at this point. The process they have adopted is slow and bureaucratic in nature and there might still be a long way to go before black money is retrieved. However the Media reporting on this was something which BJP never promised. They have allowed opposition parties to highlight a fake claim of bringing money within 100 days, which PM or any of his colleagues never promised. Moreover, they tried to blow the Supreme Court's comments on this issue out of proportions, without showing the actual official judgement from the Hon'ble Court. The Media again, appears to be working on an agenda and would somehow want to make it appear that the current Govt. has been a failure in just 100 days of assuming office.
  3. HRD & Health Ministries hitjobs - From running stories like "Health Budget has been cut mid year" to "Prices of essential drugs have been raised by 10 times", Media has pioneered the art of 'Fiction News reporting, because none of these news were true. Coming to HRD Ministry, Media's ill intentions were discovered at an early stage when they tried to create a non existent fire of 'Saffronization of Indian Education". From reports like "Non Veg food banned in IIT" to "Schooling compulsory on Christmas Day", not only has the media indulged in false reporting, but also deliberately trying to give issues a communal colour. For example 25th December was chosen as 'Good Governance Day' because it happens to be former PM and BJP patron AB Vajpayee's birthday along with the birthday of Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, but many renowned journalists and editors tried to give it a communal colour by linking it with 'Christmas being hijacked by Hinduwadis'. It can only be left to one's imagination as to why did Media choose these 2 ministers. One of them fought Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, while other fought Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi 2013, both of them were pushed and publicized by the Media beyond measure during Elections. Was there any agenda behind hitting these 2 ministers, is something only they can tell
  4. Attack on the Security Apparatus - The lesser said about this issue, the better. Media wanted Press conferences to be conducted by PM on Chinese incursions and Pakistani ceasefire violations on the Border. Such a situation becomes a devil-ditch situation for the governments. They cannot say anything publicly on acts against rival nations to maintain plausible deniability and simultaneously, they cannot deny inaction before their public as well. Under such a situation, it is the duty of the Media to play along with the govt. However Media made multiple attempts to trap the govt. on these issues. The admission of such acts would lead India to a war like situation before Chine/Pakistan. The deniability of such acts would make the local populace fill with agony against Govt's inactions. Again Media chose to dictate agenda, for entities best known to them.

Almost 8 months have passed but the Indian Media, by and large continues to present views as news. The shift of regime at the centre has had little affects on their loyalty. One can think of 3 possible reasons for this

  1. Media Leanings -  The example (1) above gives the feeling that Indian Media by and large is Left leaning, Anti Hindu and Anti Development. There may be Nationalist elements in its fold but in the current situation, the important and powerful positions in the Media is being occupied by Leftists who want to create the fear psychosis of 'Hindu Fundamentalists' destroying their 'Idea of India'
  2. Link with Enemies -  Media's tie ups with foreign agencies, especially of Pakistan cannot be ruled out. If one carefully analyzes the stand taken by prominent Indian Journos and Anti India forces such as Lashkar -e- Taiyabba, JuD, ISI etc, they are found to be exactly the same. Be it the plight of forcefully exiled Kashmiri Hindus, Indian Army, War on Terrorism or Narendra Modi
  3. Pressure of the Powerful -  It is possible that Media is not doing these intentionally but out of threat and pressure from those who would lose politically, monetarily and otherwise if such sort of reporting is not done.
What Steps should the Narendra Modi government take to counter Media terrorism?

In my views, Narendra Modi should stop acting like Vajpayee or Nehru and start acting like Sardar Patel for which he was elected. Some of these steps would be to.

  1. Pass strict laws and impose laws on Media, allowing government to take stern action on cases pertaining to Internal Security threats due to misreporting
  2. Set example by acting against Corrupt channels (for example shutting down a TV channel for its Tax Frauds will make other channels fall in line)
  3. File a horde of lawsuits against all those who have indulged in Media Terrorism and make them pay for it financially.
  4. Do not allow Cabinet Ministers to give random interviews. Ministry should have only 1 official press briefing channels with no direct access of any Minister to any journalist
Other steps would include

  1. Ensure that PM Modi, does not play to the agenda of Media. In a survey Modi was described as 'loved by millions and hated by hundreds'. He would do well to not risk the love of these millions by trying to impress those hundreds who hate him
  2. Use the mandate to take stern actions and set examples. Play it smart and not allow Media to force actions of rogue elements to officials
  3. Modi has got votes not just for Development, but to strengthen Secularism of the country. He should make honest efforts to bridge the disparity by working on the real agendas of majority community (Kashmiri Hindus, bringing equal laws for all)which has been oppressed for centuries
  4. Also break the backbone of Media by starting investigations against the Corrupt politicians who act as lifelines to the Media terrorists.

Modi did not reach where he is because of the Media. he reached there, in spite of it and with the support of millions of his followers. Riding 2 boats may not bring him to shore. He has to choose wisely and the one which has been a proven success formula for him.

Source: suyashtimes

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