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Saturday, 31 January 2015

10 Reasons to vote out AAP forever

Elections are back in Delhi but the daily dosage of AAP 'tamasha' continued after May 2014 Polls and as AAP does, it has continued to be in election mode, whether or not there was an election around. A significant percentage of AAP's support, across India has been disillusioned even after the Lok Sabha elections in last May. Their free fall which started in January 2015, has continued till date. It was evident from the Assembly Bye Polls in Punjab later in 2014, when AAP lost deposits in all the seats, just a few months after stunning everyone by winning 100% of their (4) Lok Sabha seats from the state. But what would become of Delhi? Only Time will tell if Delhites are willing to correct their mistakes of 2013 or not but here are 10 reasons why they should strongly consider voting out AAP this time and making it irrelevant forever so that no other opportunist thug dares to fool people in the name of revolution.

  1. Surrender to Kiran Bedi  - Not once but thrice, has Arvind Kejriwal offered Ms. Bedi, AAP's CM candidature and she has rejected it all the 3 times. Each time during elections, Kejriwal would offer her CM post, after getting nervous by the news of Bedi joining BJP. In doing so he acknowledged that Bedi was and is a far better face for CM than Kejriwal himself and why not? Afterall Kiran Bedi was receiving honours as a fearless IPS officer when Kejriwal was playing peekaboo as a child.
  2. No Cliche No story - Last time one used to hear cliched terms like 'Lokpal', 'Swaraj', 'RTI', 'Raw Data', 'Raw Video' etc. Kejriwal had fed these terms to his Troll army who had mugged up these key words to answer any question that came their way. This time these words are missing but there are new sets of cliches, "Free Bijli" "Free Pani", "No Corruption". Well these new cliched terms like Free Bijli, Free Pani et all are as useless as the previous ones in solving the problems of Delhites which are (or were), high food inflation, Law and order, women security, Jobs for youth, business environment. Not to mention the Free bijli was never free and there was no water for many of them, let alone free water
  3. More hypocritical than the word hypocrite - Kejriwal wanted every one to resign from Reliance, HSBC and other corrupt companiesOn his nomination, to flex his muscle, he appealed to all his blind followers to take leave and descend to his nomination venue. He, then cribbed about how his wife could not join him because she was unable to take leave. So the paid time offs or resignations apply to everyone else but to him and his holy family. He has a different set of rules for him, compared to others. This was just an example. My intention is to finish this blog and hence would not give more examples of his hypocrisy
  4. Camera fever - Not many of you would have read the story of the 'evil' aunt who was jealous of the beauty of her niece the princess and her obsession never let our out of her makeup room. Kejriwal has a similar obsession with the Camera. He wants to remain in news. Being in news is as important to him as breathing or drinking water. No other politician has ever been so publicity hungry as Kejriwal. He will do itemgiri even if he becomes CM again. to remain in news. A man whose chores are appearing for interviews will never find time to work for those who elected him
  5. What LIES beneath. - In my previous blog, I already highlighted how AAP ran deceitful campaigns about increasing prices of Cancer drugs. There is not a day which has gone by, when Kejriwal has not uttered a plethora of lies. To mention one of the many million lies, he had said during Lok Sabha elections, " I will never leave Varanasi. Even if I lose i will stay here and work". Any child would know how many times Kejriwal has gone to Varanasi since his one sided loss. If one can lie shamelessly in the name of his children, there is no reason to believe him when he says; "I promise to work for you now and not repeat mistakes of last time" or for that matter when he says ANYTHING.
  6. AAP School of certification - Well some have already faced it, but soon, everyone will. Once people start questioning AAP, they will be branded as Traitors, corrupts and agents of every industrialist to have walked this planet. Just moments back I saw AAP Trolls were abusing Bhushans (both Shanti and Prashant) for questioning Kejriwal. I have no sympathy for Bhushans for their stand on various issues but those who couldn't even stand by the Founding fathers and chief Chanda Donors of the party, will they stand with anyone else? Be ready to get a Certificate from AAP on anything you say against them
  7. Corruption - Yes you read it right. AAP is as corrupt (if not more) than any of the other mainstream party. Just because they give some fictional donor list on their website does not make them 'honest'. Their sources of funds are as grey as it can get. Fictional names like Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru have donated to AAP. This is the transparency they talk about. It is a pity that other parties like BJP are too incompetent to highlight their fraud.
  8. Chaos -  AAP believes in creating chaos, dharnas and jams. If you do not remember those Dharna days of last January-February, you will do well to remember how their rowdyism and hooliganism affect day to day life of city dwellers. It is not a faking news that AAP Trolls descended in a hospital, when they were in power and forcefully administered TB medicines to patients who were not even TB patients. You surely do not want to face a situation where an AAP volunteer forces you to take Diabetes medicine, when you do not suffer from Diabetes just out of good intention.
  9. Ambani Agent - Guess which government gifted Rs 300 Crores to Ambani from the taxes you pay? It was a government which keeps calling everyone Ambani agent. They had promised to make Electricity cheaper by acting against 'corrupt' power distribution companies but instead what they do? Take a portion of the money from the taxes you pay, meant to build schools, hospitals, roads etc and give it to Ambani, in the form of Subsidy. And TV channels like Aaj tak, CNN-IBN which have significant stake of the Ambanis do give immense coverage to Kejriwal. Surely one has to be an Ambani agent to get so much of footage from his channels. It would be interesting to find out what Kejriwal and Co. did in 2013 after which TV channels lifted the 8 month black out on him. (Kejriwal was blacked out by TV channels from December 2012 to Mid 2013, but all of a sudden he started to get abysmally high coverage)
  10. And More lies - By now if anyone still doubts that Kejriwal is not a 'Jhooth ka Pulinda';, he needs to see a Psychiatrist and not keep browsing internet for consoling self about his innocence. Last month I saw posters of a survey by Total TV which claimed AAP to win with thumping majority, only to be thrashed by the Channel's Chief editor who refuted such claims to be 'imaginary'.

I am not here to support any BJP or Congress. This post is solely against AAP and urges the readers (especially those who are from Delhi) to vote out AAP and make this party irrelevant forever.. There are a lot of bad politicians around, we do not need more of them. We need those who can clean the mess, not those who spread 'Rayata' and 'Gandagi'. 

Source: suyashtimes

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