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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Repe in India: The truth


Rape statistics by UN
The media in India and around the world has been exaggerating the facts and making overblown statements and spreading alarming stories about rape fear in India.

Let us look at concrete facts in figures. The following link is an exhaustive statistical report by the UN on justice systems around the world (years covered: 2001-2002) and is available on the web. It has rape statistics for most of the countries of the world. Interestingly enough France and India are not listed in the report.

But, better, we have more recent statistics.
Statistics for rapes in India is however available in the following link (Years covered 2009-2011)

68000 rapes in a year in a country of 1.1 billion people. That works out to 6.18 per 100,000.

Conclusion: India is safer than all the countries listed here. Let not the media pull wool over your eyes. ------------------------------------------------
Compare this with other countries:

Country {Rapes per 100,000 people}
1. USA --------------- 32.99
2. Sweden ---------- 24.47
3. Canada ----------- 77.64
4. Germany ---------- 10.44
5. Denmark ---------- 9.34
6. Australia ---------- 8.06
7. Finland ----------- 10.60
8. India -------------- 6.18
I don't think articles, debates, News and BBC documentaries on Rapes in India, are only directed at the Indian electorate as much as they are meant to affect India's image all over the world.
Their intent is covertly directed against the Hindu ethos and culture of India (Read #BreakingIndia book by Rajiv Malhotra). The recent upsurge in media coverage maligning India and Indians with ridiculous theories blaming "Indian culture" is extremely suspicious.

Especially given the fact that rape stats are much much greater in other "developed countries", there can be no reason to label India as the rape capital. It really looks like a very well orchestrated campaign involving so many media houses and the so called English speaking intellectuals within India and outside India.

Watch 3 videos to understand the reason of recent upsurge in these kind of reports in Indian and international Media.
1. The Wrong sampling Media (Video)
2. Subramanian Swamy on Rapes in India
3. Rajiv Malhotra on "Breaking India" Nexus

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Swaminathan Gurumurthy


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