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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Al Qaeda urges fighters’ widows to show support through ‘sexual jiihad’

A local official in eastern Iraq revealed that Al Qaeda has asked the widows of its fighters to abide by “Sexual Jihad Fatwa” as a means of support to its guerillas, independent Iraqi TV network Alsumaria reported.

“Intelligence cells commissioned with monitoring Al Qaeda’s activities within [the Diyala province’s] borders have reported that the highly-ranked officials in the organization urged the widows of the commanders and members to abide by the sexual Jihad Fatwa,” Al Khalis district’s administrative official, Oday Al Khadran said in a statement to Alsumaria.

“This Fatwa allows Al Qaeda’s women to have sexual intercourse with members of the organization to lift their morale” the official added. “The attempt to implement the Sexual Jihad Fatwa issued by clergymen that support the armed groups in Syria proves that such laws are transnational.”

Al Khadran stressed the importance of “standing up to these jurists and fighting extremist tendencies that blemish the humanitarian values of Islam.”

The fatwa made its first appearance in Syria a few months ago and it allowed for armed members to have sexual intercourse with women as per a momentary contract that loses effect after a few hours, Alsumaria reported.

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