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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dr. Swamy speaks

(Can we ask thru RTI had Firoz khan (Indira's huuby) chngd to Hinduism or just using Gandhi sir name. r Gandhi's Hindu currently) Feroze was not born of a father by name Khan.

(Good morning sir. Yday on said rahul gandhi doesn't suffer frm issue of foreign origin 4 PM post) What does he know on this issue? Did he think in 2004 that TDK could be stopped on this issue

What about screaming media esp sports correspondents now that Dawood game has fizzled on Srinivasan issue?

Was in Patna and Muzzaffarpur last two days addressing meetings. People complained about the sharp rise Xtian conversion abetted by Nitish.

Having a passport is not a sufficient condition for being an Indian citizen-- but it is necessary for Indian to travel on it.

Where are those Leftist society ladies who controlled the mike in India Gate and resolved never to let go?

Some of them even opposed my plea for justice on the Hashimpura genocide of Muslims !! So much for their brand of secularism

(sir your intervention can help put to rest NaMo US visa controvery, given your influence on the US law makers) Why? Did US ask Modi why they should not cancel his already issued 10 year visa? Nor did Harvard ask me why after I was invited.

Kabir out?CRTs tweet he asked me get out. Not true. On his refusal to take up my case I said I am walking out . .. Till he is out.

What happened to Buddhu's threat to file a defamation case against me? I have a full dossier to cross examine him in court.

Angana is now dismissed from her college in California for corruption and Teesta will go to jail for perjury and FCRA violations.

Good that BJP has now demanded the withdrawal of Bharat Ratna given to Sen

Two females wrote to US Commission on Religious Freedom to cancel Modi's visa. It was acted upon. Angana Chatterji and Begum Teesta.

This so called forged letter is classic Soviet style disinformation which means TDK and Buddhu behind it.

Only closet Naxalites like Amartya Sen don't know this (statistics in China are heavily massaged). Everything he has written about China is insidious propaganda

He (Amartya Sen) also told British press that Hindu students school in UK should be closed down and only Christian schools allowed.

Before my June US visit, Modi had told me to tell the PIOs to stop asking for his visa. No visa required for visitng PMs

If visa is to be given it has to be quietly done. S. Gurumoorthy was once blacklisted by US. He asked me for help. I spoke to Blake & got it

(cant u do same for ur friend modi?) He never asked me and in fact told me to tell PIOs to stop asking for it.

(Is Sen a leftist?) In the 1960s a Naxalite and now Soniaite

In Soviet Union first there was no inflation then no unemployment thereafter no poverty. Therefore now no Soviet Union!!

Amartya Sen and other Bengali leftists instead migrated to US& acquired foreign wives ditching their Indian ones. There!

MK said the same thing: "even Rama cannot save the Setu" now who will save MK? Even Elis have ditched him

Addressed today the Kozhikode Quran Sunnat Society. Now clear that Muslims are not a vote bank.

Why Times Now does not debate TDK's false declaration on affidavit about her education but only on Namo's statistics?

Crawled before the Americans in US and now he is prostrating India before foreign investors on a non-level playing field.

Which Padre taught you this bogus history?

Nothing is over if you have the will. Swamy

Modi has made performing monkeys out of Congi spokespersons.Every time he stings they swing from channel to channel screaming like monkeys

Foreign especially British press is hellbent on demonizing Modi. He (Modi) meant: "I am a nationalist who is also a Hindu"

Q. Yes guruji disgusting these people go down to such levels. Do you think this speech will benefit or harm him image wise?
A. Image with those who dont matter--the chattering class in cocktail parties--will be fortified. Why bother?

Q. u also get sad if a puppy is crushed under ur car like ur mentor (Narendra Modi)?
A.  Do you feel happy if a pig is crushed instead?
Q. sir, will reply 2 ur question bt may I have my answer first? You also get saddened?
A.  I shall be saddened when you too get crushed under a car. I am human not a jehadi

Prediction: Ishrat Jahan case non starter: Gujarat HC wants details why the 2009 1st affidavit said she was a terrorist and 2nd said no?

New case against PC: tampering evidence in Ishrat Jahan case

PC told Americans in Washington DC that Buddhu is not PM candidate in 2014. Said he: if US backs him he will be their servant. Two masters?

I am Indian first and Tamil second. If any Indian interest clashes with Tamil interest then Indian interest shall prevail.

On 14th I am speaking on Hindutva and Present Indian Constitution at IIC New Delhi under the chairmanship of Swami Dayananda Sarasvati

ours is a market determined exchange rate. China's is fixed rate

(sir, indian Intelligence would have ample secret info on Sonia, why don't they release something out to media with proof. Leaks !!)  Who will protect them if they do?

Her (TDK) rise and the mysterious deaths of Sanjay G et al are positively correlated events, with Spearman coefficient= 1.00

What is your hurry? When England wanted to defeat France they chose first to conquer Scotland.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Yes since India under Nehru recognised Bose was a British declared War Criminal

Nehru may have been a party with Stalin in killing Netaji

Subhash Bose scared the hell out of the British so they chose the soft option of Nehru and handed power to him

The IB undermined by Ishrat Jahan case. Military intelligence already undermined by Purohit arrest. PM chair devalued. Quo Vadis TDK?

With Malaysia declining to help on Aircel Maxis I may have to move SC to quash PC's FIPB clearance and cancel the deal.

Congi is so emaciated and discredited that it cannot manipulate even panchayat elections. Only hope for TDK: Trojan horses.

TDK is behind Samjautha Exp.. United Nations says LeT is behind it.

Time for Hindu-Buddhist-Shia etc unity to meet terror and finish it

Faith in God and optimism produces positive energy

Jehad deal was to compensate Abu Dhabi for cancellation of Etisalat 2G licence.

(Mr.Swamy you are the CEO of the Janata Party.If you join the BJP you will lose your identity as there are so many leaders in BJP.) Ready to sacrifice for the Hindu unity cause

(Is it true that rest of the four years (1964-67) TDK worked for some foreign SPY agency(s)?) No. But accepted KGB payments in the 70s and 80s.

Prediction on Ishrat case coming true. CBI admits in its charge sheet that three of the four in the car had terror links. Company she keeps!

The case (known as Ishrat fake encounter to implicate Narendra Modi and Amit Shah) is a flop more than a fib. It is over before it began. Innocent girl with 3 terrorists at 2 am. Human GPS?

Can anyone believe that several state governments and union govt gave huge grants to BC's 108 Ambulance Service which are frauds?

Listen grandpa: Catching ruling party crooks and their progeny takes time. Don't wallow in your pessimism

The deal (Jet-Etihad airways) was to enable TDK not return bribe money in Telecom when Etisalat licence cancelled. Double jeopardy!!

What is a Communist like Javed Akhtar doing on the Board of Directors of Jet Airways--reading out poetry for finance?

You must always remember that CNN-IBN is mostly owned by Ambani. Like Free Masons they secretly protect each other.

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