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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

U’khand hid info on Modi kits?

Monday, 15 July 2013 | SUNIL KUMAR | DEHRADUN

Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP election campaign committee chairman Narendra Modi, who had made a two-day tour of disaster-affected areas in Uttarakhand after the cloudburst on June 16-17, has sent around 1,200 tonnes of relief material, sending the Congress-led State Government in a tizzy. 

Each box, also known as ‘Modi kit’, has 43 items, enough for a family for seven days. Sources said that by sending relief material, Modi has sent message across the State that Gujarat is always present for the help of distressed people and the State Government has no option except to receive the material.

Sources said that Congress leaders were saying the donation should be kept secret, but Modi has been sending huge quantity of relief material and taking publicity for it as well. They have been making all efforts to counter it.

On Friday, Dehradun district administration received 29 bogies — two from Surat, three from Ahmedabad and 24 from Gandhinagar — carrying 14,150 kits sent by Gujarat Government, at Harrawala station.

Each kit weighs 40 kg and has 43 items, including flour, rice, pulse, sugar, tea, spice, soap, toothpaste, brush, oil, comb, candle, match box and utensil etc.

Interestingly, officials have been told not to disclose to the media about the relief material. Due to this, they have been asked to unload such kits at the Harrawala station and sent immediately the material to the destination with the help of 80 trucks.

This figure is enough to explain how much the quantity of relief material from Gujarat is. Sources said that the State Government has received around 40,000 such packets so far. More or less, everyday they have been receiving two bogies of relief material from Gujarat.

Talking to The Pioneer, Uttarakhand BJP in-charge Radha Mohan Singh said that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi sends relief material to all disaster-affected areas.

For instance, when Bihar got affected due to floods, he had sent relief packets, also known as ‘Modi kit’.

 He alleged that the Congress-led Uttarakhand Government is making politics over it. When they send All India Congress Committee (AICC) relief material, they have been sticking AICC president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi pamphlets, but they have been removing the Gujarat Government stickers from the packets.

“It shows they don’t want to provide relief to the affected people which were sent from Gujarat.” Interestingly, Congress leaders and workers have been making all efforts to dump such kits at their houses or their relative’s houses. “It has ascertained our claim that the State Government is doing politics on the issue.”

 Sources said that getting upset with the unending help from the Gujarat Government side, the Congress high command has been consistently sending their representatives in the State. On Sunday, Rajiv Shukla reached the State and will convene a meeting at the Secretariat on Monday.


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