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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Madhu Kishwar speaks

=> I owe my Gujarat study to Teesta's excesses. I also owe it to CACP chairman agro economist Ashok Gulati who described the amazing work

=> This is blood curdling- openly baying for blood. Is this Congress party's idea of "secularism"? Click here to see

=> If Congress keeps using Muslims as stick to beat up Modi& Sahid Siddiquis, Rana Ayyubs keep obliging they'll ensure total religion polarization

=> Gujarati Hindus are called fascists simply coz they vote Modi. If that's not demonization what is?

=> Question to all those muslims & anti modi gang abusing me? Have I abused Muslims? Did I say they deserve anything less than equal rights

=> I'm only telling u my study of Gujarat shows concrete evidence Modi's govt follows policies that have enabled muslims to thrive &prosper

=> Why are you enraged at good news about muslims coming from Gujarat? Why do you want to hear horror stories when they are not even true?

=> Why be addicted to victimhood? Why not celebrate that Muslims are prospering, an integral part of growth story? If u don't believe me go

=> Why not go counter check facts as I'm doing? Why abuse me? Bringing you good news is no crime. Ask yourself: Who gains from negativity?

=> Why not go counter check facts as I'm doing? Why abuse me? Bringing you good news is no crime. Ask yourself: Who gains from negativity?

=> Where is the comparison? Demonizing lunatic fringe of a faith group and demonising whole society is very different.

=> Former IFS officer, member Shahabuddin ran a magazine called "Muslim India". Its a politically ominous title. Yet no outrage

=> If India is the most racially intolerant, then we have to change our dictionaries!

=> Most parts of the world, it is the religious minorities that get negative profiling. In india it is the Hindu majority that is demonized!

=> Most young representatives of Congress on TV talk as though they are suffering from verbal diarrhea. Keep jabbering without thinking.

Madhu Kishwar
=> Congress flush with funds. Least it owes itself is to hv sensible dignified people represent it on TV even if it can't improve politics

=> Congress better know gone are the days when 1 could get away with dishing out garbage simply because you spoke English with classy accent

=> BJP helped Rajat Sharma start India TV but it hasn't been any use for them. Congressmen really know how to own & manage media

=> Even in those days my differences over shoddy anti dowry law, my insistence on women's inheritance rights invited leftist ire

=> It only shows the Left does not have any culture of its own. They learn from the worst specimens! Do u ever see me abuse?

=> Despite my critical writings on Sangh Parivar, I never faced abuse or hostility. They treated me with respect & courtesy. But challenging

=> Gore angrez did better job of consulting with local communities before enacting laws affecting them. Kaale angrez more arrogant& ignorant

=> Spine chilling expose by Headlines Today on secret & sadistic torture chambers run by Delhi Police where children brutalized. What next?

=> Small victory for Manushi in Supreme Court. Idiotic draconian law agnst Khap panchayats drafted by Law Commission stalled.

=> NGOs demanding ban on Khap Panchayats had to beat retreat & modify stand. Govt has adopted cautious approach. Lawless law stalled for now

=> "We are always right because we are Left". This arrogance & self righteousness is repelling people away from the Left. Pl wake up!

=> But I've no right to listen to those who say Kodnani or Pragya implicated wrongly. If I do listen, I'm branded a fascist. Such arrogance

=> RAW gave detail warning abt impending attack on Bodhgaya& other dharmic sites. What punishment 4 those incharge of security but paid no heed

=> Nowhere is the majority as demonized as in India even though its track record far better than anywhere else in the world

=> Mahesh Jethmalani had tld me it is a total frame up (Sadhavi Pragya case). But I haven't really followed up on the case. Will do so now.

=> I didn't know Pragya Thakur has been in jail for 3 years WITHOUT a Charge sheet. Will confirm with her lawyer mahesh jethmalani

Madhu Kishwar
=> Shabnam Hashmi sends public invite for meeting on Ishrat Jahan. I simply forward the invite without comment. Group of protesters turn up

=> Why Shabnam Hashmi& Co accusing me of disrupting their meeting. Did I instigate any one for disruption? Did I send anyone to protest?

=> Even if a handful come protest at Ishrat Jahan meeting, why are Shabnam & co so rattled? Is right to protest limited to the "Left"?

=> True, Rajbala killed during peaceful protest. LG & Home Minister who ordered Ramlila Maidan crackdown should also be tried

=> But our human rights community never bleeds for minorities in Pakistan!

=> Remember when totally innocent Sikhs were killed in totally fake encounters in Delhi's Connaught Place in Congress regime not too long ago?

=> IB complains to PM against CBI saying they are compromising national security. From turf wars, to all out war between Intelligence agencies!

=> Lage Raho Diggy Raja, every time you appear on TV or address a press conference, you prove that Congress today dominated by shameless rogues

=> The mischief played by Congress on Ishrat Jahan case will prove its nemesis just as Rajiv Gandhi blundering over Shah Bano case once did

=> Today even army and police seething in rage against Congress misrule. They are likely to vote enblock against the çongress

=> When I condemn congress politics over Ishrat Jahan I' don't justify encounter killings but bemoaning cynical manipulation of important issue

=> Why should "secular" state be managing temples? "Secular" political party like congress be fighting gurudwara elections?

=> 138 false encounters in UP. & total 555 all over India between 2009 & 2012 reported to NHRC. Plenty in Nitish Kumar's Bihar

=> I agree that judiciary is the most corrupt organization in India. far more than even the police.

=> I agree, most politicians- no matter how good or bad-- have a better connect with people than does our media today.

=> Justice Soni of Gujarat High Court made similar charges agnst aftab alam to sc chief justice. Recruitment scam case pending

=>  I never say 2002 be forgiven. Even Modi says hang me if I'm found guilty. I don't want to be "forgiven".I respect this confidence

Madhu Kishwar
=> Attacking Raghavan a man of integrity by all counts is truly evil. Teesta supporting mafia rule.

=> Divisive politics is Indira Dynastry's gift to IndIa and Congress.

=> I don't know whether UCC divisive or not. But PC and Congress Party politics is sure divisive!

=> UCC was a constitutional commitment. Now it is divisive!

=> Sonia G Manmohan Singh Congress today playing same divisive role that Jinnah and his Muslim League played in 1940s. This won't be forgiven

=> Javed and Shabana are shareholders in Jet airways, I'm told

=> Food Security law typical example of converting India into a GIant Begging Bowl and mai baap style politics of Congress Party

=> Main problem with Muslims fed on diet of Nehruvian secularism is dt they only like self hating Hindus of the kind Left politics produces

=> Congress caused enormous damage by rejecting Gandhi's secularism which allowed Hindus to be self respecting & proud of their heritage

=> (Not from Modi's party though, he does not give ticket to a muslim even from a muslim majority constituency) On one hand Muslims demonize modi at Congress behest, treat him as untouchable. why then expect ML.A. MP ticket?

=> Zahir type intellectuals behave as tho they have right to veto what we study, who we support, what we reject or else get abused hounded

=> You're most welcome to attack Modi or whoever you like. But you shdn't demonize those who find ur version flawed, dishonest

=> why don't you mention or celebrate 100s of Muslims who won zilla Parisian & municipal elections on BJP ticket?

=> ShekharGupta our finest journalist but failed litmus test of fairness on Modi coz of soft corner for SoniaG

=> It is Rajdeep Sardesai who wrote in article in HT that Modi proving a litmus test for journalists. And he is right

=> This is standard Teesta mischief. Don't allow closure if investigation or court case not going agnst Modi

=> Govt's criminal neglect in handling weather warnings for Uttrakhand is terrifying. What does Congress High Command have to say about it?

--All these statements are collected from saying of Madhu Kishwar mostly from her twitt

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