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Monday, 9 July 2012

July [Questions & Answers with Dr. Swamy]


I give as good as I get - S. Swamy

--Remember that AE Services originally belonged to A.C. Muthiah, cousin of PC, who facilitated Quattrocchi payment. So now you see why ?

--Walter Vinci has landed in India. Told Vishkanya that he will tell all unless AP govt gave him a fat contracts. Why AP?

-- Rothschild, Amartya Sen's father in law got an inexplicable contract in 3G auctioneering for a hefty --fee. Why? I am investigating.

-- Another big corruption scandal will erupt involving Vishkanya, PC, AP CM Krishna Reddy, Minister Gita Reddy;around missing Rs.100,000 crores

-- Why should Shekhar G of IE have so many houses including in Malcha Marg in N Delhi,in Sona in Haryana etc.? Not to mention several in SFDA?

-- If a company sues me for defaming it,by my allegedly falsely stating that Karthi owns it, does it mean they accept that he is disreputable?

--Why so keen on being sued?Because the Aircel Maxis deal FIPB clearance by PC was based on a financial fraud.What fraud?See next press conf.

-- The so called Babri Masjid case of CBI is as bogus and ridiculous as the the attempt to foist a case against me on the DNA article.

-- Delhi-based Doctors to US Doctors: Vishkanya developed acute claustrophobia--implying Glioma is worsening faster than pancreatic cancer

-- Axioms for PTs:1) By DNA, we are one indigenous people.2. Varna is power divide on chosen vocation.3. We all, incl SC&ST, are born Shudras.

-- Corollary to Axioms: Ambedkar is Pandit, Nehru is Vaishya.Buddhu claim of Brahmin a joke.Birth-based Varna is retrogation.Jati acc to birth

-- I have been proved right on IPL by Mumbai Police raid last night in Juhu Hotel. IPL as of now is a front for prostitution drugs black money

-- This Hamid lady who was supposed to have been mauled by a IPL cricketeer, was staying in Maurya Sheraton, and hence who paid the tariff?

-- Forecast:Jul'12:PC accused in 3 cases; Kalaam President; Aug'12: LS re-opens ; more CAG scams. Sep' 12:UPA loses LS vote; Oct'12:LS mid term

-- Only way Jagan will come out of jail without a memory loss injection is if he spills the beans on Sonia foreign accounts.

Q. Sir, I heard  is supported by  in order to prevent  go with  Will PTs unite till the end?
A. old British Imperialist tactic. MMS is corrupt but Sonia is an angel refrain. Ask Naxalite Kejriwal.

Q. sir wat do u think about the Bilderberg group n Rothschilds?? It is being said that they control everything on the planet.plz reply
A. Even God?

Q. sir GM..whats ur take on CBI...shud it be under supervision of lokpal..or simply independent body?..or u want govt contrl ovr it.
A. Under a new Act as an independent body. Lok Pals don't descend from heaven.

Q. Yes, we are in majority coz Muslims of British India voted in 1947 that they can't live with Hindus :-|
A. Since then,Muslims have infiltrated back into India because of better living conditions!Give us that % land back.

Q. Sir, going forward, isn't Uniform Civil Code a must 4 survival of decency in Bharat? Will happen
A. Bound to come. It is in the Constitution

Q. Swamji, "Govt must take over Kerala temple says Sharad Yadav". Is that fair?
A. Will make loot easy.

Q. sir do u know that u have already awaken undercurrent hinduness among indian youth! Waiting for a day when it reaches rural masses
A. That is easy. As I realised in the Emergency, rural people are much more patriotic than city dwellers.

Q. if pranab wins, will u still pursue signature case in court...?
A. and if Sangma wins then criminal complaint against Pranab on 420 IPC

Q. sir do u know that u have already awaken undercurrent hinduness among indian youth! Waiting for a day when it reaches rural masses
A. Virat Hindutva can end Islamic and other terrorism. Christians are one dimensional materialists so subverted by oil money.

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