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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Press Release in April 2005 by SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY

Press Release in April 2005


1. India is facing a severe threat to its national integrity. Indians will soon have to decide on whose side they stand on the side of the ancient Indian civilization or in the corner of fraudulent money throwing foreign fraudulent Christian missionary forces who are out to disrupt India. The recent visits of Benny Hinn and K.A.Paul are indicative of the likely ‘invasion’ of India by these forces and its money power. Their patron, as indicted by Benny Hinn publicly, is Ms.Sonia Gandhi. Most of Congress Party has already capitulated to these forces.

2. Some Indian leaders, professing to be devout Hindus, who have capitulated, on blackmail, and have become the tools of these forces. Ms.Jayalalitha, the present CM of Tamil Nadu is one such Hindu renegade. She has pathetically surrendered to Ms.Sonia Gandhi and agreed to do Ms.Gandhi’s bidding undermine the Hindu heritage. The bogus cases filed against the Kanchi Acharyas and the sullying of the Acharya’s personal character is one such example of attack. The question arises why Indian Christian organizations are silent about this outrage especially after the Supreme Court verdict that there is no prima facie case? The defaming of Vivek Oberoi by Ms.Jayalalitha is also at the behest of these forces who want to use the Tsunami victims as a base. Ms.Jayalalitha’s cringing message on Pope’s death over Radio Vatican is yet another example of this capitulation.

3. Moreover, India is ungovernable today with adherence to Nehruvian secularism. India will go the way of Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and disintegrate, unless secularism is redefined to include a Social Contract between the majority Hindu community and minorities, much like the Parsis had agreed to.

4. Hence I have decided to call for a Conference on ‘Threats to India’s Integrity’ in New Delhi on April 23, 2005. The nation is not safe until the UPA Government is toppled.



The crude attack of the former Secretary to the PM, Mr.Brijesh Mishra on the RSS Sri Sudharshan does not answer anyone of the charges against him (Mishra). 

Will Mr.Mishra publicly deny the following on record:

(a) That he holds a position in the present UPA government that entitles him to a diplomatic passport?
(b) That he has strong connections with Sonia Gandhi’s Italian family through his daughter Jyotsna, who is married to an Italian and lives in Italy.
(c) That he refused to authorize in February-May 2004 period the arrest of the CIA spy in RAW, Mr.Rabinder Singh, despite repeated requested for permission by RAW official Mr.Amar Bhushan, thus enabling Singh to escape to USA on mid May 2004?
(d) That he intervened with US Administration to release from FBI custody Mr.Rahul Gandhi MP and his live in girl Juanita alias Veronique, when he was arrested in Boston’s Logan airport on September 27, 2001?



1. The Finance Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram has, as usual, changed his stand upon being caught misleading the public. At first, he did say that the Tamil Nadu Government had failed to supply the Centre a test of Tsunami-affected fishermen. Now caught on facts he has changed his story to the lack for list of fishermen ‘who have received assistance so far’. He should instead apologize for speaking without knowing the facts.

2. The Finance Minister Mr. Chidambaram has committed breach of privilege by misallocating the 2% education cess to revenue expenditure to finance the deficit in the Budget. In the 2004-05 Budget speech in June 2004 the FM had told the Parliament that "the whole of the amount collected as cess will be earmarked for education only, which will naturally include providing a nutritious cooked mid-day meals". But despite this categoric assurance to Parliament, Mr.Chidambaram allocated Rs.3010 crores of the Rs.5010 crores collected as cess to finance the Budget deficit. Education got only Rs.2000 crores. Mid day meals got Rs 167 crores less than budgeted. This is a criminal breach of assurance to Parliament and betrayal of the young people of India. A privilege motion can be moved against Mr.Chidambaram in Parliament for this fraud on the public.

3. The VAT has justly been opposed by many states and trading groups. The paper work for it will be enormous and will lead to inspector and taxmen harassment. Therefore black economy will flourish. Hence, prices will rise by 15 to 20 percent.

4. The much touted Employment Guarantee Act has been watered down. The allocation is only 50% of Rs.16,000 crores promised in the Common Minimum Programme. Even the Rs.8000 crore allocation includes foodgrains lying in stock in godowns that is to be given in lieu of wages, and valued at Rs.11/kg. There is no safeguards to ensure that the grain will be distributed and corruption will not take place since the panchayats have been sidelined, the power has been given to the Collectors' office.

5. The Union Government must explain why it has decided [vide D.O. 11034/18/98-NCB-11 dated November 19, 2004] to close down by May 14, 2005] the Mukherjee Commission inquiring into Netaji Subash Bose's disappearance just when the Taiwan government denied that there ever was an air crash, and just as Justice Mukherjee was planning to go to Russia to see KGB records. Is the Government afraid of the truth or that the KGB records may also reveal Ms. Sonia Gandhi's KGB connections? There is also a question of Netaji’s collection from NRIs In Burma and Singapore of donations mostly diamonds and golds. The Japanese had after the II War handed it over personaly to Nehru. Where is it, an amount worth about Rs.500 crores today?

6. The Supreme Court will hear my petition on April 11, 2005 that seeks a direction that the Election Commission register a criminal case against Ms.Sonia Gandhi for falsely stating in an affidavit filed as a Lok Sabha candidate that she has a degree from the University of Cambridge. Ms. Sonia Gandhi has not passed High School, and the only certificate she has is in tango dancing from Italy. 

7. I welcome the decision of the TNBJP to contest elections independently at the AIADMK and DMK, and to form a Nationalist Front in the state. I have already met BJP President Mr.L.K.Advani to discuss the matter of such a Front.

8. I shall be addressing a VHP rally in Delhi on April 5th to protest the bogus cases foisted the Kanchi Acharyas. The SIT has produced no new evidence in the charge sheet over and above what was disclosed to the Supreme Court in January. Hence the SC judgement declaring the case as lacking prime facie evidence stands, and therefore the case be withdrawn immediately without wasting anymore public funds.


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