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Friday, 7 June 2013

Harish Khare’s contempt for corporates reveals bias towards Congress

By S Sudhir Kumar on June 7, 2013

Harish Khare's contempt for corporates reveals bias towards Congress
Normally, regular tripe needs to be ignored. However, if that regular tripe is dished out by folks who have held high positions in the Government, it exposes the concerning state of affairs under this UPA regime.

We are talking about the latest tripe that Harish Khare, former Press advisor to the Prime Minister of India, dished out. In the article titled The Murthys and the Maoists, he seeks to draw a comparison between … well, never mind — it’s very difficult to decipher what he wants to say.

There are some things that are clearly evident though. Topmost amongst them is his contempt towards Narayana Murthy. Why? Because apparently Murthy demanded to be seated next to the Prime Minister in a dinner he hosted! Hawww — how cheap of Murthy to even dream of sitting beside the Prime Minister!

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But that’s not his major grouse. Since Murthy dared to advise the Government publicly on a matter a few months ago, Khare gets angry and points out to the nepotism that Murthy himself resorted to. Merely because Murthy suggested something to this Government on a public platform, he ceases to exist as a private businessman.

Earlier too, Khare has demonstrated extreme intolerance to people’s movements that questioned the functioning of this UPA regime. In the exalted world of Harish Khare, the citizens and leaders from various fields shut up and suffer rather than demand / suggest / advise the awesome duo of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. You think I am exaggerating? Sample this:
That (heyday of civil society triumphalism two years ago) was the time when India’s corporate leaders thought they had the ethical credentials to write open letters to the Prime Minister and preach virtues of good governance.
You need to have “ethical credentials” to write an open letter to this Prime Minister! Such is the contempt with which the former advisor to the Prime Minister of this country, holds for feedback!
And then suddenly and bizarrely, Khare moves on to praise Rahul Gandhi! The Congress vice president’s trip to Chhattisgarh after the murderous massacre of 27 Congress leaders is apparently a “commendable journey of political solidarity.” It would have been political solidarity if Rahul Gandhi makes a similar visit when people from other parties are killed! Then Khare wonders if this attack “has helped Mr. Gandhi reset his ideological compass.” He goes on to dedicate another paragraph to explain to us the greatness of Rahul.

It has been proven beyond doubt that that the only thing that reigns supreme in Rahul Gandhi’s thought process is confusion! Yet, without any provocation, commentators like Khare lose no opportunity to praise the Congress leadership!

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You must be wondering — where did Maoism come into picture when we are talking about Murthy? That’s where the genius of Harish Khare stumps you. Murthy, and by extension the corporate world, is very demanding of the Government. The Maoists are also very demanding. Let’s ignore that the only difference is that corporate India provides employment and Maoists murder people — both of them make stringent demands on the Government, that’s it!

The likes of Harish Khare can’t even summon the decency to call murderers what they are.
“The May 25 attack was the boldest ideological challenge that the Maoists have posed to the country’s political leadership.”
The heinous killing of 27 political leaders is apparently the “boldest ideological challenge”. This line is in the same article in which Murthy is derided for wanting to sit next to the Prime Minister. This is the depths to which the commentators can plunge to.
His contempt towards criticism does not end here. Apparently…
“The country has periodically been treated to a mock controversy over whether Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council was usurping the Government’s space and prerogatives…”
Mock controversy? Sonia Gandhi’s NAC is beyond reproach, huh? Now we cannot even peacefully criticise the NAC for usurping the Government’s space! Sample another line:
“The UPA’s approach has been to let the corporate marauders run amok while salving its democratic conscience with a slew of pro-poor, aam admi -centric initiatives.”
Corporate marauders? Why do these people have so much contempt for people who provide employment to the people of India? Why do they talk of this as a crime? What possible damage has Murthy done to the economy of this country that Harish Khare reserves such words for him? The more we try to understand this thought process, the more confused we get. Is this really the quality of people that this Prime Minister has “allowed himself” to be surrounded by?
PS: Notice how Khare uses the phrase “allowed himself to be persuaded” three times to describe various decisions by the PM, Murthy and Rahul Gandhi. He could merely have said ‘agreed’, but then that would make matters too simple I guess!


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